Project Update: Daplung

Executive Committee meeting 13 June
June 13, 2021
Extraordinary General Meeting of FIPMO
June 27, 2021
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Dr. Surendra Bahadur Panday visited Daplung in person after almost 18 months to meet with our didi / bahini to discuss about their well being amid COVID 19 Pandamic and also to know about the current status of the project activities as they were as currently.
Good news is that all the women in the project groups have already received both 1st  and 2nd shots of vaccine against COVID (Chinese) from nearby Anand Ban Hospital. However, the Pandamic has had impacted somehow negatively in the income generating activities they were involved but they have been continuing even with some slack down. On a serious note,  one beneficialy who was doing very good with her poultry had lost the shed on recent landslide but they managed to rescue the chicklets and chickens with the help of neighbours.  The another one had lost a calf. The rest of the beneficiaries were not that affected except for little slow down on what they had been doing.
Since the four year period of revolving fund project has already expired in Baishakh,  this matter was discussed in the meeting.  The  beneficiaries were thankful to FIPMO for the crucial support provided to them which has helped them not only to grow economically to some extent but socially as well as a group. They are committed to return the funds but requested for a short grace period in view of current situation.   The very positive attitude of the beneficiaries was much appreciated and he mentioned to them that FIPMO had already discussed how we go ahead with the project further and after listening to the groups on behalf of FIPMO Dr. Panday asked them what will happen if we give them a grace time of two years so that they could have fully revolved one cycle of loan benefitting every single beneficiary.  They were very happy and mentioned that such a decision would help them a lot. Then he confirmed to the beneficiaries that as had already decided by FIPMO the project period extend for two years from its expiry in Baishakh.  All were  very happy and mentioned that they were extremely thankful  to FIPMO for such a surprising gesture.
Further, the beneficiaries confirmed their committed to return the funds at the end of extended period to benefit for another needy community.  They also mentioned that their promise to visit and share their experience / success story with new project benifiaries whereever and whenever FIOMO will replicate this pilot to another area. I thanked them for their commitment and mentioned to them that FIPMO will ask them for such visit when need be there. Very happily agreed upon.

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