Directory of FIPMO Members (with areas of Expertise)

S.N Name Organization Education Expertise Geographic Coverage
1 Badri Raj Pande WHO MBBS, GR Medical College, Gwalior, India
DCH, RCP London & RCS England
DTM&H (Liverpool Sch of Tropical Med & Hyg, UK)
DPH (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)
Family Planning
Maternal and child Health
Health Policy Planning
Health Economics
South-East Asia
2 Basudev Dahal AsDB/IFAD BE (Civil Engg), Roorkee University
MBA, Harvard University
Social and Economic development
Post evaluation
Global (Rome, Manila)
Nepal, Asia, Pacific
3 Bhairaja Panday UNHCR ML (Comparative Law)
LLM, Yale University, USA
Human Rights/Protection
Resource Mobilization
Strategy and Planning
Global (Geneva)
Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe
4 Bhai Raja Shakya UNICEF ME - Civil Engg., USSR
MA-Intl Dev., Clark Univ., USA
Water and Env Sanitation
Community/Local Deveelopment
Angola, Ethiopia
5 Bharati Sapkota WFP
6 Bhim Udas WFP B.A., Tribhuvan University
M.A. (Intl Relations), Peshawar University
Development Programming
Emergency Operation Management
Food Security/Poverty
Global (Rome, Geneva)
Asia, Middle East, Africa
Eastern Europe
7 Bhogendra Purush Dhakal ESCAP
8 Bijaya Lal Shrestha WHO BA
South-East Asia
9 Bijaya Mallapaty UNICEF M.SC. (Econ), University of Wales, UK
MIPP (Intl Public Policy), John Hopkins University, USA
Development Management Global (USA)
Africa, Middle East, China
10 Bijaya Rajbhandari UNICEF B.Tech (Engg), IIT, Kharagpur, India, 1979
M. C. (Environ Mgmt), Univ of London, UK 2000
Policy Development,Advocacy
Water and Sanitation
Fund raising and Partnership
South Asia
Eastern Europe
Southern Africa
11 Binod Sijapati UNHCR M.A. (Econ), Tribhuvan Univeristy
M.S. (Agri Econ), University of Illinois, USA.
Economic Policy, Agriculture Policy
Emery Relief and Disaster Mgmt
Global (Geneva)
Africa, East and South Asia, East Europe
12 Birat Keshar Simha UNFPA B.A. (Pol. Sc), Brandes University, USA
M.A. (Intl Relations), University of Kentuky, USA
Development Management
Reproductive Health
Gender Issue
13 Bishnu Dev Pant ESCAP, AsDB Ph. D. (Applied Statistics), Indian Statistical Institute
M.S (Statictics), Tribhuvan University
Statistics, National Accounts
Economic Policy, Agriculture Policy
Asia and Pacific
14 Bishnu B. Silwal UNOPS B.Sc. Agriculture, Udaipur University, India
M.A. Economics, Thammasat University, Thailand
Post Graduate Diploma, Colorado, USA
Project formulation/ implementation
Stakeholders interest management
Project monitoring and Evaluation
South Asia
South-East Asia
15 Bindu Lohani ADB
16 Chandni Joshi UNWOMEN (UNIFEM) M.A.(Eng Lit), Tribhuvan University
M.A. (Linguistics), Tribhuvan University
Development Programming/Mgmt
Gender Issue
Human Rights and Protection
SAARC Countries
17 Deepak Bajracharya UNICEF B.S. Civil Engineering, Lafayette College, USA
M.S. Env Engineering, Stanford University, USA
D. Phil. Sc and Tech Policy, University of Sussex, UK
Disaster Management, Field Operations
Environmental management
Energy planning, Strategic Planning
Global (New York)
Pakistan, Bangladesh
18 Ganesh Thapa IFAD
19 Gyan Chandra Acharya UN
20 Gyan Jung Thapa UN
21 Hasana Shakya WFP
22 Heera Shrestha WFP
23 Himalaya SJB Rana UNDP M.A. (Econ).
Development Management
South Asia
24 Kamal P Rimal ICAO M.A Tribhuvan University
Aviation Management, FAA, USA
Air Navigation, CNS
Planning and Implementation
Asia and Pacific
25 Kedar Neupane
26 Kiran Nath Pyakuryal UN ESCAP M.Com. (TU) Poverty Alleviation
Rural Development
27 Krishna Belbase UNICEF
28 Lalit B Shah ICAO
29 Madan Rai FAO Agriculture
30 Nirmal Pradhananga ICAO
31 Narendra Shrestha UNICEF M.Com, Tribhuvan University
Specialized Training in Supply Chain Mgmt
Supply and Logistics Mgmt
Emergency Operations
Asia, Middle East
Africa, Europe
32 Omkar Shrestha UN ESCAP/AsDB M.A. Tribhuvan University
Ph.D. Economics, East West Center, Hawai
Trade and Development/Effectiveness
Regional Cooperation (ASEAN & SAARC)
Planning - Medium & Longterm
Asia and Pacific
(China, Vietnam, Banglaesh)
33 Prahlad Manandhar FAO Forestry
34 Purushottam Mudbhary FAO M.Com (TU)
M Ag Bus Mgmt (Univ of Philippines)
Ph. D. - Agricultural Economics (Michigan State Univ.)
Agriculture Policy Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok)
Global (Rome)
35 Pushpa Acharya WFP B.Sc.(Zoology), M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), T.U.
M.Sc. (Human Nutrition), Univ of Mass, Amherst, USA
Ph. D. (Nutrition), Univ of Mass., Amherst, USA
Emergency operations
Global (Rome)
Mid-east and Northern
Africa, Southern Africa
36 Raghvendra Upadhyay UNICEF M.ED Tribhuvan University Education and Child Protection Policy
Early Childhood Development,
Basic and Primary Education
Global (South Asia, Middle East, Africa)
37 Rajesh Neupane UNICTR B.Com. Tribhuvan University
B.L. Tribhuvan University
Criminal Investigations
International war crimes,
Human rights, and Sexual assaults
Global (Kigali)
Africa, Europe, America
38 Ramesh Sharma FAO M.A. (Econ), Tribhuvan University
M.A. (Agri Econ), UNE, Australia
Ph.D. (Agri Econ), Stanford University, USA
Food and Agriculture Policy
Trade/WTO rules
Food Security/poverty
GlGlobal (Rome)
South and South-east Asia
39 Sarita Neupane UNICEF M.A. (Econ), Tribhuvan University
M.Sc. (Human Nutrition), London Sch of Hyg & TroMed
Ph. D. (Intl Nutrition), Cornell University
Project/Progrm Planning and Implem
Project/Progrm Design, Monitoring & Eval
Nutrition Policy, Training Facilitating
South Asia, Pacific
40 Shiva B. Nepali Pradhan UNICEF B.S. Civil Engineering, Lafayette College, USA
M.S. Env Engineering, Stanford University, USA
D. Phil. Sc and Tech Policy, University of Sussex, UK
Disaster Management, Field Operations
Environmental management
Energy planning, Strategic Planning
Global (New York)
Pakistan, Bangladesh
41 Siba Rajbhandary UNDP M.A. (Eng),Allahabad University Development Management Africa
42 Sova R. Bhandary WHO B.Com. (Calcutta University)
Chartered Accountant (FCA), England and Wales
Financial Administration System
Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation
Global (Geneva)
Sub-Saharan Africa
43 Surendra B. Panday UNHCR B.Com, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
M.Sc. in Econ, Inst of National Economy, Kyiv, Ukraine
DPh.D. in Econ, Inst of National Economy, Kyiv, Ukraine
Oper Plan and Mgmt (Emer & Reg)
Population, Community Development
Humanitarian Shelter Cluster Coord
Resource and Strategic Planning
Global (Geneva), Asia
East and Southern Europe
East and Horm of Africa
44 Suresh R. Sharma WFP M.Com, Tribhuvan University
DBA, MBA, Southern Illinois University, USA
Chartered Certified Accountant, ACCA, UK
Stretegic Planning
Governance, Accountability/Oversight
Financial Management
Global (Rome)
South Asia