FIPMO assistance to Earthquake victims in Nallu and Bhardeu village and Khokana

FIPMO representatives visited the UN Resident Coordinator
March 25, 2015
FIPMO General Meeting – at Madan Rai’s residence
June 20, 2015
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Bhimjee, Madanjee and Subhadrajee, Narendrajee and Gita and myself, accompanied by four teachers and two students of Anaal Jyoti Boarding School, and Gokul, driving Biratjee’s van, went to Nallu and Bhardeu village south of Laitpur at 9 am on Thursday 7th May. Each of the 200 sheets were individually wrapped, and a sticker of FIPMO logo printed for this purpose was placed. Our plan was to distribute 180 sheets to individuals in Nallu and hand over 20 through the ward secretary in Bhardew.We were met by a volunteer coordinator in the village. Close to 500 houses were damaged. Although some roofing material was already delivered, what we had was not going to be sufficient for all. After some discussion, the coordinator and ward volunteers finalized a list of those who had not received any roofing materials, and we started the delivery. The army personnel and police personnel stationed there were a great help to organize the population in an orderly fashion. We handed in one sheet to 185 family, together with 100 rupees to buy ropes for the tent. Madanjee described the multipurpose nature of the sheet as ‘a house that one can carry in a bag’.
In the Bhardeu village, we handed in 15 tents and 1500 Rs to the secretary of village development committee. We also handed in 7 sacks of beaten rice that Narendrajee had received from donors.



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