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Dear All,

AAA.   greetings and Happy New Year – 2077 to you and your family.  Subsequent to possible Voluntary Contribution Request sent by Bijaya Rajbhandari jee to you to provide relief assistance to needy elderly under the heading “Caring for Elders”, FIPMO has joined hands with Women Friendly Disaster Management  (WFDM) Group and Social Bihani Ventures (SBV) in extending our support to some vulnerable elders at this difficult COVID-19 Lock-down.

BBB.  With the kind contributions received thus far, we have already embarked into action and hope that more contributions will be coming. The brief update is as follows:

Caring for Elderly


The impact of COVID – 19 has not been devastating only in the health sector but it has also critically affected the social and economic situations of the population in the country. Generally, at time of such difficulties, needs for the children and women are much talked about and advocated for but Elderly are almost forgotten. There are only few organizations seriously advocating the needs of elderly and dedicated in serving them. In order to take care of some vulnerable elderly and provide them with support Forum of former International Professionals of Multilateral Organizations (FIPMO) has joined hands with Women Friendly Disaster Management (WFDM) Group and Social Bihani Venture (SBV) in providing Relief Support to most needy elders. It would not have been possible to extend this support to Elderly without individual contributions made by both subscribed as well as potential FIPMO members.


  • has reached out to its senior citizens living in adverse conditions and poverty within Kathmandu valley.
  • 100 relief support packages targeted to most vulnerable elderly consisted of the following items in each relief support package: (1) Rice – 4 kgs; (2) Maas dal – 1/2kg; (3) Mung dal – 1/2kg; (4) Chana dal – 1/2kg; (5) Bodi – 1/2kg; (6) Masyaura – 200gms; (7) Tea – 200gms; (8) Biscuits – 2 packets; (9) Sugar – 1kg; (10) Salt – 1 packet; (11) Oil – 1 liter; (12) Soap – 2 bars; (13) Mask – 2 pcs; (14) Digital Thermometer – 1; (15) List of SOS Contact numbers; and (16) Written / illustrative instructions on how to keep themselves safe during COVID -19 pandemic.

Though logistically difficult at this time of current lock-down the Relief Packages and transportation were organized already on 10 April and was being delivered to targeted beneficiaries. Few photographs of delivery preparation are attached.  Detail report will be posted on FIPMO Website on later date.


  • With the standard relief package SBV has reached to two Old Age Homes: (1) Matatirtha –  20 beneficiaries; (2) Himalaya (Samakhushi) – 36.
  • It has also reached to vulnerable Elderly prisoners with Special Prisoners – Assistance in Dhulikhel; Jhapa; Dillibazar; Rajbiraj; Nakkhu; Palpa and Central jails totaling 195 beneficiaries.
  • Prisoners-relief package contains: (1) Masks; (2) Cloves; (3) Sanitizer; (4) Biscuits; (5) Cereals; (6) Cornflakes; (7) Soaps for both washing and bathing.

Despite of current lock-down and constraints, SBV has managed to coordinate with old age homes and prisons respectively and organized the delivery already on 9 April. A quick report with few photographs posted by SBV in its social media is attached.

CCC.  Hope that the above up-date was informative.


With best regards,

Dr. Surendra Bahadur Panday


Forum of former International Professionals of Multilateral Organizations (FIPMO) – Nepal


Cell phone:  + 977 981 834 5762


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